Neika Smessaert, RVT is proud to announce her partnership with world-renowned dog trainer, Victoria Stilwell from Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog!!  

LogoNeika is able to provide easy dog training solutions for busy families, incorporating the whole family in the process based on skills and abilities.

MY MISSION is simple… help you have a better relationship with your pet!  To make your pet a positive asset to your family.  I do this by using Positive Reinforcement, non-aversive training techniques, teaching you and your dog a better way.  There is no need for stressful corrections, physical punishment or barbaric equipment.






Neika, Poe and GwenThe strongest relationships between dogs and humans are based on cooperation and kindness rather than a human dominance/animal submission methodology which is central to outdated traditional training methods.  Positive training helps to establish and maintain a connection that increases trust and therefore creates a stronger bond between dog and owner, because if your dog feels good about you, he will be a happier and better-behaved dog.








January 9, 2013

Toenail Tuesday is back at Magrane Pet Medical Center in 2013! Time?      5 – 7:30pm When?    ...


A dog that is given consistent guidance from an early age grows up to be a confident dog. Education brings security, security brings confidence, and a confident dog has no need to show anxiety-based behaviors.




April 16, 2014

SPRING has sprung, well, at least for most of us!  The warmer weather has melted most of the snow and for...


All VSPDT dog trainers:
  • Are hand-selected by Victoria.
  • Train dogs using only positive reinforcement.
  • Avoid force & outdated dominance-based methods.
  • Work personally with Victoria and her team.
  • Share Victoria's ability to talk and think dog - positively
  • Practice the highest level of courtesy and professionalism.
  • Respect you and your dog at all times.
  • Share the VSPDT mission of creating healthier, more balanced relationships between dogs and owners
  • Help the Victoria Stilwell Foundation support canine assistance organizations.

About Neika

I'm a happily married mother of 2.  A daughter, 10 & a son, 7.  My family is the most important thing in my life.  I'm active at their school & with their activities.  I spend my extra time running & educating myself about healthy eating & living a healthy lifestyle.  We have 2 dogs; Poe, a 9 year old Mastiff mix rescue, who is a very busy dog.  He's a Pet Partners Therapy dog, he's a former blood donor dog, he's a monster preventer for my son every night, & he is often referred to as "The BEST dog ever!"  That's quite a reputation to keep up with.  Gwen, our 4 year old terrier mix dog, rescued with 2 broken back legs & 4 broken ribs.  She's a miracle (million dollar) dog.  Our extra-toed cat, Chuck, is as beautiful as he is ornery.  We have our 1st bird, Angelica, an Eclectus Parrot.  I'm working on getting her to talk but so far, she just prefers to purr.